Smetanový jogurtový dort s malinami
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Smetanový jogurtový dort s malinami
Price incl VAT 48,00 Kč
Total price incl VAT 48,00 Kč
Váha 160 g

Further information

Smetanová pochoutka s malinami v želé. 

  • Please place orders 2 working days in advance.
  • Cost of packaging and delivery charges will be added to your final price.
  • Delivery charges are CZK 500,- anywhere in Prague. 
  • Packaging: Small cake box (fits approx. 10 pastries) - 15 CZK / Large cake box (fits approx. 30 pastries) - 30 CZK
    • Store at temperatures below 5°C. Consume within 12 hours.
    • For more information, including allergy info, please call us.